Gutter Helmet vs. Micro Mesh Filter Gutter Protection

Are you looking to learn more, or still unsure about gutter protection for your home? If so, please take a few minutes to read the helpful information below to learn more about micro-mesh filter gutter protection.


First, a quick history on micro mesh filter gutter protection

  • Micro mesh filter gutter guards came to popularity over the last 15 years due to the cheap material, manufacturing costs, and abundance of lower-quality alternatives found in major box stores/retailers.
  • Over this time, professional marketing organizations and private equity firms took advantage of the mesh filter popularity and began adopting substandard performance and materials, then marketing them nationally as a LIFETIME solution with no-clog, money back guarantee.
  • Millions of homeowners seeking a long-term, maintenance-free gutter solution were convinced, through aggressive marketing and sales tactics, that they were purchasing a lifetime gutter solution product.
  • In recent years, various lawsuits with attorney generals and class action suits have been filed and settled with various micro mesh filter solutions resulting in a verdict where micro mesh filter companies need to provide annual cleanings for FREE (they were charging individuals for cleaning the mesh filter off before the lawsuits). Web search: class action lawsuit filter gutter protection.
  • Throughout litigation, the consistent homeowner complaint was, “my gutters are clear, but rainwater is not getting into the gutter and spilling over onto the ground due to debris accumulation in the screen/filter itself not allowing water in.” We outline why this happens below as all micro mesh filter gutter protection products and their warranties are the same, whether made of aluminum, plastic, etc..

We have a unique understanding of all gutter protection products as we have offered gutter protection solutions for over 40 years on residential and commercial applications. We have seen every product field battled tested against the likes of hurricanes, derechos, superstorm Sandy etc.. Gutter Helmet has worked for over 40 years, and we at Lednor Home Solutions don’t buy into flashy advertising on major cable news networks, or use aggressive sales and marketing tactics because, quite simply, we don’t need to. Our product performance and quality over time speaks for itself. Gutter Helmet is the only permanent solution gutter protection product we put on our own home. We do offer a screen mesh gutter protection system that is better designed to handle all four seasons and heavy water flow, but do not recommend or sell it as a true permanent solution. This product is only used in unique installation circumstances, or to fulfill a homeowner’s request for a temporary solution. Ultimately, micro mesh filters can ensure your gutters will never clog, but Gutter Helmet is the only solution to guarantee this AND your gutters to remain free flowing. Both water performance and debris management is warrantied with Gutter Helmet.

1. Lets start here, what was the last filter around your home you didn’t have to clean or replace over time?

Like any filter (car oil, dryer lint, HVAC home air, or even drinking water), ALL other varieties of mesh filters require cleaning and replacement over time to maintain performance and prevent failure.

No matter how small or fine the mesh holes or openings are, debris such as shingle grit, pollen, moss, etc. will work its way on top of the screen and into the filter as the [below] pictures highlight. When this occurs, water has no place to go over, NOT IN the gutter! The image below highlights the major compliant in suits of debris accumulating on top of, and within the screen itself.

It is very rare to see a micro mesh filter product installed on a home for 5+ years as they almost always need replacing by this time. Conversely, Gutter Helmet can be found on homes 20+ years given its functionality and high-quality components made from high strength aluminum.

Debris preventing water from entering a micro mesh filter


2. Now, let’s compare the benefits of Gutter Helmet’s Surface Tension Permalife (similar to Teflon) Finish Technology vs. Micro Mesh Filter Technology:
  • Gutter Helmet is the only gutter protection product guaranteeing (in writing) your gutters will remain clog free and FREE flowing. This means debris stays out and water flows freely, or we come out for FREE to clean it, guaranteed!



3. Micro Mesh Filter LIFETIME ‘NO CLOG’ Warranty & Guarantee….NOT SO FAST!

Consider this warranty example from the most popular popular micro mesh filter gutter protection provider:

  • If at any time the filter micro mesh gutter protection system allows your gutter to clog with debris, causing the gutter to fill with water and overflow, the company will repair or refund you 100% of the total product cost. 

Sounds good, right? There’s a catch! Industry standards consider this a “limited” warranty.

One thing remains true with all filter-based systems and their guarantees- they only cover clogs originating from the interior of your gutter (as highlighted above). The question is, how could the interior of a gutter become clogged if it is “fully enclosed” by a filter or screen on top? The short explanation is these systems are destined to need some sort of cleaning overtime, and clogging will inevitably occur on top of the screen itself (no matter which variety/technology is used) resulting in the potential of rainwater being redirected to unwanted parts of your home and not solving the root cause of clogged gutters to begin with. Pollen, moss and various other debris (leaves, needles, shingle grit, etc.) can all clog the different varieties of micro mesh filters with ease. No matter how often companies or representatives claim their screen or mesh is “superior, unique, or patented,” homeowners are ultimately left with a product that transfers clog points from inside their gutter to the outside of the filter itself. This is why we often hear “my gutters are clear, but water is not getting into my gutter and just spilling over onto the ground” from customers who call us after having other micro mesh products installed (which is all too often).

To learn more why Gutter Helmet is a permanent solution for homeowners vs. Micro Mesh Filter Gutter Protection, click here for your FREE consultation! We will bring both products to your home.

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I recently had the Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet installed on my house. It not only looks amazing, but the guys arrived on time, were professional and efficiently got the job done. I am very satisfied with Gutter Helmet's attention to detail and fulfilling their work as promised. I will definitely tell my neighbors about the Gutter Helmet.
I have had Gutter Helmets for 20 years. In all that time I've never had a problem until recently a bird's nest found its way into one of my gutters. The installer who came to replace the product was the same installer from 20 years earlier. Now that's impressive. Everyone at Gutter Helmet inclusive of the office staff were professional and a pleasure to work with.
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VERY happy with our entire experience adding Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet to our house. Installing this was a great value for us. The gutters are working perfectly in heavy downpours and with year-long leaves and debris coming down from our river birches. Terrific customer service and a first class product.
We needed our roof repaired due to wind damage. After several quotes, Gutter Helmet was the only company that went into our attic to look and see if more damage had occurred. If it wasn't for them taking the extra time to look at everything, we would have had rotting wood under our new roof. They were very professional and gave a fair quote.
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