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5 Safety Tips for Gutter Cleaning

POSTED ON Mar 18, 2022

Many household chores can be tedious, but a few can actually be hazardous. Gutter cleaning is among them. If you’ve forgotten to clean your gutters, they can become clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris. Usually, this becomes apparent during a fall rainstorm. It’s raining, and you look outside to see water flowing from your gutters like a waterfall. Balancing

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Gutter Helmet Protects Older Folks

POSTED ON Mar 11, 2022

These days, many senior citizens choose to stay in their own homes as long as possible, rather than moving to a senior community or settling down with their children or other family members. And thanks to improvements in healthcare and medicine, seniors these days not only live longer but stay active and healthy longer. But no matter how active and

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Spring Gutter Cleaning

POSTED ON Mar 04, 2022

Spring is often one of the loveliest times of the year. It’s a time of renewal, blossoming, new birth – and cleaning. You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but are you aware that spring gutter cleaning is an important part of the season too? The beginning of spring is one of the most important times to clean your gutters in many

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Late Winter Garden Cleanup

POSTED ON Mar 03, 2022

The snow is receding, the ice is melting, and your garden is starting to grow. If there are winter leftovers in the garden, it’s time to get organized for a late winter garden cleanup. Before it’s truly spring, what are the essential steps of a garden facelift? Scan Your Yard Before you begin on the garden plants, take a look

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How to Choose the Right Gutter Installation Company in Springfield, MO

POSTED ON Feb 24, 2022

Gutter installation isn’t something you should have to do often – gutters are typically made of sturdy material that lasts a while. As long as your gutters and roof are properly maintained, they can last for quite a long time. So, it’s not too surprising that when it comes time to replace your gutters, you’re not exactly sure where to

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Do Gutter Sponges Work?

POSTED ON Feb 17, 2022

Highlights: Keeping debris out of gutters is important. Gutter sponges are inexpensive and convenient gutter guards. However, gutter sponges also have serious problems that Lednor Home Solutions’ gutter guards don’t have. You don’t want your gutters to get clogged up. It’s not just an aesthetic thing – your gutters might look better when they’re not clogged, but that’s only part

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How to Take Care of Your Roof in the Winter

POSTED ON Feb 17, 2022

How can you take care of your home during the winter? You make sure that the pipes don’t freeze, you shovel the driveway diligently, and yes, you need to take care of your roof. What’s the best way to take care of your roof? There are many steps to winter roof care, and many of those steps occur at other

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Are Gutter Screens Worse than Gutter Cleaning?

POSTED ON Feb 10, 2022

Cleaning your gutters isn’t easy! It’s a big job, a messy job, and can be a dangerous job. And if you aren’t up to doing it for yourself, it can also be an expensive job. So it’s understandable that homeowners would look for ways to reduce or eliminate their need to clean the gutters in the first place. Various products

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Installing Gutters: DIY or Hire a Professional?

POSTED ON Feb 07, 2022

If you live in the same home for quite a while, there may come a time when you determine that you need to have your gutters replaced. Hopefully, this realization occurs before your home falls victim to rotting siding, deteriorated landscaping, a flooded basement, or significant foundation damage.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Gutters in Franklin, TN?

POSTED ON Feb 04, 2022

How much will your new gutters cost in Franklin, TN? How much will your new gutters cost in Franklin, TN? If the drip, drip, drip of old, leaking gutters has you feeling concerned about your home, its foundation, and your landscaping, it could be time for a gutter replacement. However, gutter replacement is a large home project. You need new

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I recently had the Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet installed on my house. It not only looks amazing, but the guys arrived on time, were professional and efficiently got the job done. I am very satisfied with Gutter Helmet's attention to detail and fulfilling their work as promised. I will definitely tell my neighbors about the Gutter Helmet.
I have had Gutter Helmets for 20 years. In all that time I've never had a problem until recently a bird's nest found its way into one of my gutters. The installer who came to replace the product was the same installer from 20 years earlier. Now that's impressive. Everyone at Gutter Helmet inclusive of the office staff were professional and a pleasure to work with.
Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet just replaced our roof and we could not be more satisfied. The crew showed up early, worked all day and stayed late, were professional and caring regarding the project and the surrounding impact it had on our property and home. They completed the roof quickly and it looks simply amazing!
VERY happy with our entire experience adding Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet to our house. Installing this was a great value for us. The gutters are working perfectly in heavy downpours and with year-long leaves and debris coming down from our river birches. Terrific customer service and a first class product.
We needed our roof repaired due to wind damage. After several quotes, Gutter Helmet was the only company that went into our attic to look and see if more damage had occurred. If it wasn't for them taking the extra time to look at everything, we would have had rotting wood under our new roof. They were very professional and gave a fair quote.
We just had Gutter Helmet installed on our gutters and couldn't be happier. They provided us with useful information about Gutter Helmet and cleaned up everything, leaving no mess behind. We definitely recommend Gutter Helmet to anyone considering this product.

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