Helmet Heat®: The Ice Dam Solution


Prevent Snow Buildup and Ice Dams on your Gutters & Roof

heat_tape_afterIcicles are nice to look at during the winter months BUT the weight of icicles can pull your gutters from the side of your home. In many cases, the icicles can pull your gutters completely off your home leading to costly repair costs. Moreover, icy build up can turn your walkway and stairs into a treacherous sheet of ice – putting you, your family and the general public in danger.

Heavy snow and ice that builds up on the edges of your roof can damage your gutters, roof and siding. As if that’s not bad enough: if melting snow and ice cannot drain, you risk creating what’s called an ice dam. An ice dam occurs when water flow is blocked and redirects back under shingles and into your home.

The Helmet Heat® Self-Regulating Gutter Heating Solution

Helmet Heat® melts the snow and ice before it can form into damaging mounds of snow and ice weighing down on your roof and gutters. With Helmet Heat®, snow melts before it hits the edge of your roof, and flows down your rain gutters and downspouts. Damaging snow and ice buildup is averted.

Helmet Heat® is:

  • Energy efficient – heat only when it’s needed
  • Self-regulating – no monitoring necessary
  • Seamlessly installed – no unsightly wires

Minolta DSCDownload our Helmet Heat brochure, and keep reading to learn about Gutter Helmet®.

The Gutter Helmet® Gutter Protection System

Helmet Heat® is available to homes with the Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system installed. Gutter Helmet® is the #1 gutter protection system on the market, with a lifetime manufacturer warranty – strongest in the industry – and over 60 million feet installed in the U.S. Gutter Helmet® provides year-round protection from gutter clogging. Its patented design ensures that you never have clean your gutters again. Learn more about Gutter Helmet®’s many functional and aesthetic benefits.

Installing Helmet Heat® and Gutter Helmet®

Together, Helmet Heat® and Gutter Helmet® systems are a key ally in the homeowner’s battle against extreme winter weather conditions. Stay protected from buildup in your gutters year round without ever getting on a ladder! Gutter Helmet® by Harry Helmet™ is the official dealer and installer of Helmet Heat® and Gutter Helmet® in Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Southern NJ, Northern NJ, Washington D.C., Ohio, Northern Virginia, and Seattle-Tacoma, Eastern Ohio, and Cleveland, OH.

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