How the Gutter Helmet® Gutter Guard Works

rain gutter guards

  • Eliminate gutter maintenance forever, no more ladders
  • Protect your home from expensive water damages
  • Come in various colors to match any home
  • Proudly made in America
  • Installed by mfr. trained & certified installers
  • Triple Lifetime ‘No Clog’ Performance Warranty

What is the Gutter Helmet® Difference?

Gutter Helmet’s nose is flush with gutters so there are no vertical openings for leaves, pine needles, or other debris to get through.

Our patented texturing process provides amazing strength from a lighter panel, reducing weight and stress on your gutters. Texturing also increases rain-handling performance by up to 60% over smooth panels.

Our patented coating won’t fade or chalk, and is not corroded by acid rain. The Teflon-like coating has special additives that work overtime to help prevent the dirt and organic build-up common to other products.

Flow-limiting ribs slow and spread the water, causing it to sheet instead of bead. The ribs also add to Gutter Helmet®’s strength.

Patented brackets allow our installers to customize Gutter Helmet® for your home. All brackets reinforce your existing full-size gutters and support even the heaviest snow loads.

Gutter Helmet®’s performance relies on the principle of surface tension. Hold a water glass under your sink and you can see surface tension in action. The water flows and clings around the outside of the glass. Similarly, rain water from your roof clings to your Gutter Helmet® panels as it runs down, flowing freely and unobstructed into your rain gutters.

A 3/8″ gap means no slots or screens to clog. It is also the ideal spacing to handle the heaviest rains while helping to keep birds and debris out.

8) Installation Method Approved by all Major Roofing Manufacturers (GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed, IKO)
Competition for years have put false information in the marketplace saying Gutter Helmet will void your roofing warranty. This is 100% false, buyer beware of other companies talking badly about other products. Gutter Helmet installs underneath your second course of shingle and will not void your manufacturer roofing warranty, you have our personal guarantee!

9) Triple Lifetime Manufacturer Performance Warranty
With Gutter Helmet, you not only get the best performing and strongest guard system on the market, you also get the best protection with our triple lifetime manufacturer performance warranty, that is transferable. We’re unique from the standpoint that the manufacturer backs the performance not the dealer who installed it. Your 100% covered!

Watch Gutter Helmet Work During All Four Seasons


Gutter Helmet® Colors

gutter-helmet-colorsGutter Helmet® is available in 10 different colors:

  • Sand
  • Black
  • Timber
  • Charcoal
  • Black Onyx
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Pale Gray
  • Bronze
  • Canyon

Our patented panel coating is essentially invisible once installed because it is designed to blend to the color of your roofing shingle.

How Will It Look on My Home?

Gutter Helmet® has been protecting millions of homes just like yours for over 30 years. Here is a small sampling of the homes on which Gutter Helmet® has been installed.