Preventing Gutter Damage

PAIN PICS & BAD GUTTER 060It’s hard to believe that something as small as your home’s rain gutters can be so important to the maintenance and value of your home. Gutters are rarely noticed when looking at a house, and in fact are never mentioned in typical “for sale” write ups you find in the real estate section of your local newspaper.

But the truth is, damaged gutters can cause severe cosmetic and structural problems for your home. When gutters aren’t working properly, water from rain and melted snow that would normally be drained away from the house by your gutter’s downspouts, seeps into your house and wreaks havoc on your home. Water damage from backed up gutters can result in roof rot, mold in your attic, cracked foundations, landscape erosion and basement flooding. These problems can require costly repairs and drive down the value of your home.

To prevent gutter damage, you must first find the source of the problem. Some common gutter problems include:

No matter what the gutter problem is, you need to identify and address it as soon as possible. The cost of fixing damaged gutters is nothing in comparison to the potential cost in home repairs, especially if the problem persists.

The ideal solution is to avoid gutter damage altogether! The Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system is the only water management solution on the market today preventing gutter damage that can result from ineffective drainage. The Gutter Helmet® System can be installed over new or existing gutters and is a leader in the industry thanks in part to an award winning, patented design, and a lifetime warranty that is backed by a billion dollar corporation, Gibraltar Industries.

Gutter Helmet® gutter protection dealers and installers can be found throughout the United States:  Maryland, Virginia, Washington DCDelawarePhiladelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Columbus OH, Cleveland OH, Southern New Jersey, Northern New Jersey, Seattle WA and West Virginia. Contact the dealer closest to you for a free estimate.