Tacoma receives more than the US average rainfall every year: are your gutters prepared?

When you live in Tacoma, Washington, you know that the fall, winter, and spring rains can pose a challenge to any of your landscaping structures. This vibrant rain forest is a wonderful place to live, but you need to make sure that you have solid plans for water flow in and around your home. Gutter guards can help reduce your worries about flooding and leaks and ensure that your gutters are low-maintenance and worry-free.

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Maintenance Problems

In the fall and in the spring, leaves and blossoms abound in your garden, and some of them fall into your gutter. This can make your gutters heavy and they may warp or pull away from your home. Gutters that are full of debris can also lead to overflows, and water cascades down your siding, causing problems with the siding and the landscaping below. In the spring and summer months, birds, wasps, and other animals use these dry, clogged gutters as a place to nest. Winter brings snow and ice, and with it, gutters that warp, pull away, or lead to water backups into your roofing.

What’s the solution? A simple gutter guard installation prevents debris from moving into your gutters in the first place, solving all of these problems before they occur.

Reduce Maintenance Time and Costs

In the fall, landscape maintenance can take up a lot of your free time. With falling leaves to rake, repairs to make before winter, and gutters to clean, you need to make sure that you’re on top of maintenance issues before they become a serious problem. With snow, ice, and more rain, winter brings its own challenges as you try to ensure that your gutters flow even when the temperature drops. When you’re tired of standing on a ladder with your hand in the gutter, it’s time to look at a new kind of gutter installation: a gutter guard. With a gutter guard, your gutters will be protected from falling debris, and you’ll never have to drag soggy leaves out of a clogged gutter again.

Harry Helmet: The Gutter Specialists

When you’re looking for a gutter guard solution that will prevent leaks, clogs, and warping of your gutters, turn to Harry Helmet, the official dealer and installer of Gutter Helmet®. With our innovative Helmet Heat® product, your gutters will also resist winter buildup of snow and ice. Make sure that your gutters can flow freely, no matter what the season.

Gutter Guard Installation

Our experienced Tacoma gutter guard installers can install the Gutter Helmet® system over new or existing rain gutters. Our gutter guards are custom fitted by professional and certified installers. We understand Tacoma, and we’ve completed thousands of installations for customers like you. When you’re searching for a way to reduce your landscape maintenance and reduce home maintenance problems, look to Harry Helmet. Contact us today.