Gutter Helmet® Gutter Guard | West Virginia

In the hot, humid summer of West Virginia, you hear the rain coming. When it arrives, the shower waters your garden and pours down your roof, into your gutters, and into the ground. But what’s that you hear? A dripping or a pouring noise can mean that your gutter has sprung a leak or gotten clogged with debris, and gutter leaks and clogging can be a problem for your home. 

When you live in West Virginia, you know that you have to keep your gutters clear during seasonal rain and snow.

Trouble With Leaks 

What’s the matter with a little leak? A leaky gutter can lead to problems with your siding, since it spreads moisture around, causing stains and algae growth on your home. A clogged gutter can also cause trouble, whether it’s in the form of a water backup that damages the room, or whether it’s in cascading water that pounds into your landscaping and onto your foundation. While a leak or a clogged gutter might seem small, it can have a ripple effect that can lead to structural damage, damaged siding, or eroded or dying landscaping.

Maintaining Your Gutters 

Gutter maintenance is the key to ensuring that your home remains leak and damage-free. To keep debris out of gutters, you need to conduct regular maintenance, particularly during and after the fall, when many leaves may fall into your gutters. You also need to watch for ice buildup in the winter months, which can split and damage your gutters. In the spring and summer, check for leaks, particularly at the places where two pieces of gutter connect. 

Gutter Helmet in West Virginia 

If you’re tired of trying to clean your gutters, only to come back and do it again, there’s another solution as well. Gutter Helmet is a time-saving product that allows you to install a cover on your gutters, preventing leaves from entering your drains in the first place. A Gutter Helmet system prevents clogging during those West Virginia storms, and it reduces the need to get on a ladder to perform seasonal maintenance. In the cold winter of Wheeling, you may also experience ice dams in your gutter. Our Helmet Heat product prevents icicles from forming and stops ice and snow from accumulating in your gutters. With Helmet Heat, ice melts before it can form a blockage, reducing damage and maintenance to your gutters.


Installing Your Gutter Helmet 

When you’re thinking about gutter installation, gutter covers, and gutter warming systems, you want to ensure that you find a contractor who will get the job done right the first time. Where can you turn to ensure that your products are installed correctly? At Harry Helmet, our certified installers are available to complete your gutter cover installation. With our installers, your gutter installation is covered from beginning to end, and we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the results. Schedule a free estimate today, and stay protected from gutter problems without ever climbing a ladder again.